#6–The Rafters’ Last Sigh

Well, it is official:  with our latest effort (a 16-4 drubbing at the hands of Mesa) we have been eliminated from playoff contention.  Actually, when you consider that at one point we were 4-17 and had lost ten games in a row it is mildly impressive that we managed to stave off elimination as long as we did, but obviously disappointing nonetheless.  Today’s game encapsulates our season pretty well.  There were a couple errors and the concomitant unearned runs, several home runs allowed and a paucity of hits.  I managed to get 2.1 quality innings in but also gave up a solo home run, which pretty much typifies the up and down nature of my fall league experience thus far.

Now that the season is winding down, I’m sure the question on everybody’s mind is “what are you going to be doing now that you can’t ride buses, shag batting practice and all the other things you ‘love’ doing during the year?”  Interesting I should have you ask, because I have the answers right here for you.  In the short term I plan on starting out with a bang by getting back up to Fargo for the North Dakota State v. South Dakota State football game:  the battle for the Dakota Marker Trophy.  I haven’t been to a game at the Fargo Dome in a while and I’m really looking forward to it, but unfortunately it means leaving for Fargo about two hours after I step off a plane from Arizona.  Oh well, I’ll deal.  In the longer term I’m going to be living back in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and trying to strike a balance between recuperating from a long season and getting ready for next year, which can be hard.  At this point of the year the motivation to lift and workout is pretty low but obviously it has to get done so it usually does..  I’ll be heading to Cleveland in January for three weeks for the winter development program which should be a good chance to work with some of the major league staff.  Other than that, I’ll just be trying to enjoy not having to shag bp, catching up with old friends and looking forward to kicking off spring training at our new facility in Arizona.

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned as I’ll be back with another couple installments to let you know how everything wraps up out here and whatever else comes to mind.

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