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Guest Blogger: Wes Hodges

wes_hodges.jpgHi, my name is Wes Hodges and I play in the Indians organization.  I was raised in Ooltewah, Tennessee and I have lived there my whole life.  It is a small, quaint place in the mountains with lakes.  This is my first time to Arizona and it is totally different than what I am used to.  There are no trees, no grass, but it’s nice when it’s not 95 degrees! I played in Akron this year and it was good.  I had a solid season and stayed healthy all year.  While I am playing here in the Fall League I am staying with my good friend, Trevor Crowe, at his place in Tempe.  He played here in 2006 and 2007. I enjoy watching football on my day off and I’m big into fantasy football.  In fact, my team is 5-0.  So far the highlight of my time here was going to a Cardinals game.  I got to see the Cardinals/Bills game.  I want to go to the Grand Canyon if I have the time.  I know a lot of the guys here; I’ve played with them at some level either during the regular season, college, or Team USA.  We play our home games in Surprise and it’s a really nice facility.  I’m working hard to keep improving and I am glad to be here.