#7–Last Hurrah

Hello out there again and for the last time from Arizona.  The Arizona Fall League season has only one game remaining, so I think you all know what that means: season in review time.  Thankfully for myself and my teammates I get to do this now rather than two weeks ago when the review probably would have read something like this:

frowny face.jpg 


As it stands now I think that on the whole most of us are still extremely disappointed in our individual and team performance overall, but mercifully we’ve been playing much better lately (8-7 in our last 15 games).  Then again, there was really nowhere to go but up at that point, what with being 4-18 and having lost 10 consecutive games and all, but improvement is improvement and we’ll take it.  My personal performance here mirrored my regular season in having a rather dreadful start followed by improved play at the end once I ironed out a few things, so hopefully I can carry that into the offseason (I hear that there are a lot fewer runs scored in the Minnesota Winter-break League).  The off-field experience has been great.  I enjoyed getting out and seeing a bit of the area and hopefully I’ll be able to take in a bit more of it when I’m back out here for spring training in March.  By that time hopefully the people of Arizona will have realized that they can call radio stations to request songs other than “Mrs. Officer” but you never can tell.  Living with Chuck Lofgren and Erik “Rick” Stiller has been great as well and thanks to these two jokesters I think I acquired at least half a dozen new nicknames, but I guess that’s the price I’ll have to pay.  Thanks for surfing over and stopping by and that about does it for me from Arizona.

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