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#3–The Voyage of the Jetta

Hey, back again for another installment.  At the moment our record stands at 4-10 and this week hasn’t been real kind to us as we’ve gone 0-3 and gotten outscored 44-5 including a 28-1 loss on Monday.  Let’s just say it’s been more Roy Munson than Thurman Munson so far this week, but I’m sure we’ll pull it together and start playing better soon.

Thus far the Fall League experience has been pretty good.  I’m living with Erik Stiller and Chuck Lofgren at Chuck’s house in Mesa.  Chuck’s place is really nice and living with Erik (who I lived with in Hawaii last year as well) and Chuck (one of the biggest goofballs in the business) has been great and rarely dull, but there is the significant drawback of being about an hour away from our home field in Surprise.  In an attempt to be a bit more eco-friendly we’ve been carpooling with Wes Hodges and Stephen Head, and I imagine we look rather comical with Erik (6’5″), Chuck (6’3″), Wes (6’3″) and Stephen (6’3″) and myself packing into a rather small vehicle.  By the way, with those four monsters in tow, who do you think gets stuck in the back middle seat most of the time?  (I am officially required to complain but it isn’t that bad).  We’ve had the good fortune to have Chuck’s parents in town so the three of us have been getting some good home cooked meals which is always nice, especially since they tend to be few and far between during the year.

The on-field experience has been good as well.  Obviously we would all prefer to have a better record and be performing a bit more consistently, but playing against this level of competition has been great at forcing me to make adjustments and be on my game.  We also have a good group of guys on this team, which helps to keep morale up in the face of the scorching afternoon sun.  I’ll be back with more updates and what passes for insight in the upcoming weeks.  Catch you later.

Guest Blogger: Wes Hodges

wes_hodges.jpgHi, my name is Wes Hodges and I play in the Indians organization.  I was raised in Ooltewah, Tennessee and I have lived there my whole life.  It is a small, quaint place in the mountains with lakes.  This is my first time to Arizona and it is totally different than what I am used to.  There are no trees, no grass, but it’s nice when it’s not 95 degrees! I played in Akron this year and it was good.  I had a solid season and stayed healthy all year.  While I am playing here in the Fall League I am staying with my good friend, Trevor Crowe, at his place in Tempe.  He played here in 2006 and 2007. I enjoy watching football on my day off and I’m big into fantasy football.  In fact, my team is 5-0.  So far the highlight of my time here was going to a Cardinals game.  I got to see the Cardinals/Bills game.  I want to go to the Grand Canyon if I have the time.  I know a lot of the guys here; I’ve played with them at some level either during the regular season, college, or Team USA.  We play our home games in Surprise and it’s a really nice facility.  I’m working hard to keep improving and I am glad to be here.