#2–Different Hours

Hey, I’m back for round two and I’ll start by updating you on how things have been going for us so far.  Thus far we’re 2-4 in our first six games, but we could very easily be 4-2 with a bounce or call going our way in a couple of those games so for the most part all of us are feeling fairly good about how we’ve played thus far.  I’ve thrown twice, doing well in one appearance and not quite as well the other, but it’s still very early.  We get a reprieve from the afternoon sun tomorrow with our first night game of the fall.  I have nothing against day games, but the game just seems to get ratcheted up another notch when the sun goes down and you’re playing under the lights.  Needless to say I’m looking forward to it.

While most of attention in the fall league (and professional baseball as a whole) is paid to the time that we as players spend between the lines playing the games, taking batting practice and doing fielding work, there is actually a surprising amount of down time spent both on buses and at the field on game days.  As any position player will be happy to tell you (over and over again, I might add), this is particularly true of us pitchers, and different guys find different ways of filling/killing time.

Probably the most universal clubhouse distraction is watching SportsCenter reruns over and over again until everyone knows every word of the telecast by heart, but sports in general are always big.  Especially now with the major league playoffs going, college football to talk smack about (go Bison!), and the NFL and all its fantasy football implications there is almost always sport in some form being watched in most clubhouses.  Cards, texting and music are popular choices as well, but I usually tend to go the reading route.

Since I’ve been out of college and had a chance to direct my attention to some slightly more interesting subjects, down time at the field and on the bus have worked out to be the perfect times to indulge my enjoyment for reading (and giving my entries literary titles).  I have always been a fairly prolific reader and I like to dabble all over the spectrum in terms of material.  Everything from Richard Dawkins and Desmond Morris to J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen Dunn are fair game and it seems like the more reading I do the more I find to do.  I just (finally!) finished Ken Follett’s novel Pillars of the Earth, which was outstanding but a bit long at a shade under a thousand pages.  As if I didn’t learn my lesson the first time I’m going to start in on the doorstop-sized sequel The World Without End as soon as I finish the series of Hannibal Lecter novels by Thomas Harris which I recently started (also very good).

Well, I think I’ll stop before I ramble on too much more about literature, but I’ll be back with another update in the near future and one of these times I’ll get around to answering a couple of the questions that have been queuing up as well as any more that you may have for me.  Catch you later.

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