Guest Blogger: Wes Hodges

wes_hodges.jpgHi, my name is Wes Hodges and I play in the Indians organization.  I was raised in Ooltewah, Tennessee and I have lived there my whole life.  It is a small, quaint place in the mountains with lakes.  This is my first time to Arizona and it is totally different than what I am used to.  There are no trees, no grass, but it’s nice when it’s not 95 degrees! I played in Akron this year and it was good.  I had a solid season and stayed healthy all year.  While I am playing here in the Fall League I am staying with my good friend, Trevor Crowe, at his place in Tempe.  He played here in 2006 and 2007. I enjoy watching football on my day off and I’m big into fantasy football.  In fact, my team is 5-0.  So far the highlight of my time here was going to a Cardinals game.  I got to see the Cardinals/Bills game.  I want to go to the Grand Canyon if I have the time.  I know a lot of the guys here; I’ve played with them at some level either during the regular season, college, or Team USA.  We play our home games in Surprise and it’s a really nice facility.  I’m working hard to keep improving and I am glad to be here.


  1. ItsEricaa

    Hey Wes. Hope you’re enjoying your time in AZ . We got to see you a few times this season and in some of the Eastern League Championship games. You guys did great and we were routing for you. Glad to hear that you’re doing well there–be glad you’re not in the northeast where you spent the summer, it’s freezing.! Anyways, my friend and I will be out there in a few weeks , so hopefully we can make it to a game. Take care and enjoy the rest of the season.


    Hello Wes, hope all is going well in AZ, we continue to follow your progress and are excited for you. don’t be surprised one day when you look up and my crew is standing on the third base side just like we did at GT. we will send our best through your folks, remember to pray as hard as you play.
    go hunter hawks

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